School House System
At St. Mary's we operate a House System - we have four houses:
  • Red house - St. George
  • Blue house - St. Andrew
  • Green house - St. Patrick
  • Yellow house - St. David

We have House Captains and Vice House Captains appointed for each House.

Pupils can earn House Points for their house through sports competitions, by working hard or by being polite and helpful. House Points are collected and counted weekly by Mr Finnegan and results are announced at Assemblies and in the weekly Newsletter. We also hold House sports matches and compete in a summer term sports day.

House Point Certificates & Awards

House Point certificates are awarded to pupils as they break through House Point thresholds. Termly awards are made and the ultimate House winners, by the end of an academic year, earn a special treat - extra break time/film and popcorn!

A message from your House Captains ... Work hard and earn as many house points as you can. Don't forget to collect your points and hand them in to your classroom captain each week so they can be counted. Remember every House Point is needed!

House Points – Governors’ Cup

Congratulations to IJH, who is the new recipient of the  Governors’  Cup. This cup is awarded termly to the  pupil who currently holds the  most  house points  in   school.  IJH, who has amassed 160 points, received the cup this week from Mrs Chung, who is  one of our Associate  Governors.  She will keep this until at least July.  The full listing of the House point ‘Hall of  Fame’  can be seen on the  back of the  newsletter. It is great to see some new names coming through.

House Point Class Leaders


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