School Choir

St. Mary's School Choir

Our school choir performs locally throughout the year at the Studley Village Hall, Coughton Court's Winter Festival and Redditch Ecumenical Centre supporting the Redditch Choral Society and the Primrose Hospice Choir.

All pupils sing and play at Christmas productions, Years 5&6 perform a wonderful annual Christmas Carol Concert held at St. Mary's Catholic Church and perform at local festivals and on stage at the Stratford Civic Hall at its annual Intercultural Festival.

The Primrose Choir, Redditch Town Hall - April 2016

We are so proud of our school choir, 17 children from Key Stage 2 gave up their Saturday night and sang at the Redditch Town Hall in aid of one of our favourite charities – the Primrose Hospice. All in all £1668.50 was raised for this wonderful organisation. Thank you to all the children and parents who supported on the night and to Mrs Tyrrell and MrsFurlow who coach the choir.

Save the Children Concert, Studley Village Hall - March 2016

Our school choir did not disappoint us on Saturday evening. They sat beautifully through the first half of the ‘Save the Children’ concert as they listened to others sing and play the piano. We were very proud of Sadie Fleming, Charlotte Colley and Chiara Gemeli-Williams, all three ex-St. Mary’s pupils. Also in the first half, Nathanael Saleh, Matthew Dawes and Samuel Hattersley performed a swash-buckling song from the Pirates of the Caribbean and Maddy Perkins and Paige Little performed ‘A Whole New World’ from Aladdin.

The second half of the concert was entirely taken with a partly staged performance of ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’. Everyone played their part extremely well and the singing was great. Approximately £700 was raised.

Our next ‘booking’ is for 15th April when we will sing the ‘Snow White’ songs again at Redditch Town Hall in aid of the Primrose Hospice - so children, hang on to your costumes. This concert will be instead of the usual June concert at the Town hall.

Well done again everyone.